I am 68 today — Going stronger than ever

(As usual, ahead of time – an obsessive Compulsive Disorder I suffer from)



I complete 68 years of my life today- March 10, 2020. In June of 2020, our Company Ecotech will be completing 34 years in service of our nation and the public at large. We have built a team of nearly 350 members. Many are veterans with over 20 - 25 years and more with Ecotech. Many are new and fresh members drafted in recent years to support our ambitious expansion plans geographically pan India. We have covered the Southern part of India with HQ in Bangalore, and branch offices in Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mangalore – and soon in the enterprising industrial city of Coimbatore with a vast hinterland that stretches from Palakkad in Kerala to the Textile hubs of Tiruppur, Erode and Salem.


I am happy to share that the younger generation of Ecotech is as passionate, as committed and as disciplined, if not more than the pioneers who have helped build Ecotech to become what it is today – Trusted, Respected and importantly the most ethical company in our business. Unlike Multinationals we do not tout our ethics policy in twenty or more pages of gobbledygook - most of it remaining only on paper : I should know. We are straight, forthright, upfront and transparent. We follow the law strictly, and if we find the law to be lax, it is our conscience which guides us and we have never gone wrong.

People including my immediate family ask me when I plan to retire. I believe I have a greater purpose in life : an unending task to be fulfilled until the day I can still stand on my feet and until the day I can still think logically and use my brains and common sense to good effect.


This country has given me so much. By that I mean the people of the land- not the Politicians, not the Bureaucrats. It is their tax money which has sent me to some of the best schools in the country. At the Madras Christian College School I paid Rs. 10 per month as fees and another Rs. 10 per month for the school bus from Luz Corner in Mylapore to Chetpet and back. I have paid Rs.12 per month as Tuition fee at the IIT Madras and another Rs. 25 per month for the hostel room in all the Five long years I spent in the Guindy Campus. This strong foundation propelled me to go to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee with full scholarship from Day One and gain my PhD degree in quick time.

I do not wish to repeat President Kennedy’s dictum for fear of sounding maudlin : But that is the truth and the question I keep asking myself and what drives me to go on. The good people of this country deserve much better than what present day politicians and bureaucrats deliver. It is left to the common citizen with some specialised knowledge, expertise and skill to help improve in any way possible the quality of life of his fellow citizens.


This determination to serve was reinforced in me in no small measure just last week when a group of more than fifteen aggrieved residents from an apartment complex took time on a Sunday to meet me in my office. It was indeed pathetic to hear them tell that every time they wanted to flush the commode, it was with a prayer on their lips and hearts in their mouths : such was the stench, foul odour that would pervade their entire flat when forced to use treated water from their STP for flushing. A routine act which does not even call for a second thought had become a stressful decision, bordering on neurosis. – Flushophobia. And imagine having to live in dread of flushing for the rest of one’s life.


I am determined to lift them out of the morass of deep depression and utter despair. I will set right the STP and give them back the life they deserve. So help me God !



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