Dr. Ananth in Deccan Herald on KSPCB's decision to issue notices to Apartment Complexes

February 8, 2020

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Excerpts from Dr. Ananth's interview in Deccan Herald:


“Who is the polluter here, the builder, architect or the KSPCB itself. The NGT has to make a clear distinction.”


Citizens buy flats paying money to the builder, architect, the plumbing consult- ant and the Board. “Everyone has made money. Penalising the flat-owner goes against the principles of natural justice,” asserts Kodavasal.


He attributes the poor water quality to poor choice of STP technology adopted for use in apartments. “You need to choose the tech based on the scale of the STP. One size does not fit all. For small and micro STPs in use in apartments, the technology should be such that the operational and maintenance costs are low, the manpower costs are low,” he elaborates.

The Board should have had stipulated the right technology suitable for apart- ment complexes. There have been no defined parameters. Besides, architects are not competent to design or build STPs. Eventually, the citizens are penalized. Kodavasal says they should approach the consumer courts for being given poor, de- ficient products.


The KSPCB maintains it has sent notices only to apartments that have not complied with the rules. STPs are mandated for apartments with over 20 flats and com- mercial setups exceeding an area of 5,000 sqm. The Board also draws attention to several apartments that has failed to install their own treatment plants.

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