Born Again, Most Modern STP Technology—EAAS

At various times during my school, college and working career days, I have had opportunities to read excerpts from the Bhagavad Gita. Not in a sustained, perseverant manner, but in disconnected bits and pieces, turning pages at random: When bored, when idling, when there was nothing else better to do. From my dear mother’s cupboard, stacked with hardbound volumes and volumes of the Gita which came with my life membership of the ISKCON at her bidding. May her soul rest in peace.


Two concepts from the Gita stand out as exceptionally wonderful and ethereal: that of one’s Karma and the other of rebirth, reincarnation based on one’s Karma, the eternal soul. And the two irrevocably, irreversibly intertwined.


Of late I have been meeting and interacting with several young practicing Environmental engineers working for big builders, developers, not so competent Architectural firms and third rate plumbing consultants and commission agents – not entirely their fault of course, since they may not always find a place at Ecotech.


What struck me as particularly odd and unbelievable was that a whole new generation of Environmental engineers has emerged without ever having heard of the Extended Aeration Activated Sludge – EAAS STP technology! What is EAAS they ask? Never seen one. Is it vastly different from modern technologies like the SBR, the MBBR and so on? I do not know if the fault lies in the education system we have or in the claustrophobic confines and in the all-enveloping darkness of the plumbing consultant’s office where the mind ceases to think, to question, only to blindly follow the herd.


The type of herd mentality exemplified in my interaction with a leading plumbing consultant in the city :


Past Karma of the EAAS technology is unquestionably, unequivocally excellent. And for an old timer like me, who knows the theory and practice of STPs like the back of my hand (modesty is not one of my virtues), EAAS is head and shoulders above the modern pretenders such as the MBBR or SBR especially when it comes to mini and small STPs.


And this now is my brilliant idea. Since not many have heard of it before, I am going to promote EAAS as the born again “Most Modern” STP Technology. Believe me, I will be the Pied Piper leading the herd now all hailing this New Modern, Magical technology! Hallelujah!!




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