Another Obituary—the MBBR STP

January 18, 2019

It is my pleasant duty to write another obituary, this time for the much touted, much misunderstood, much misinterpreted and indeed the shamelessly bastardised MBBR STP practised in India, first popularised in the city of Pune as a FABulous Modern technology.


Regulars on this site would no doubt have read my first Obituary of the SBR STP. As a Doctor of Philosohpy ( PhD), I have diagnosed that STPs in Bangalore suffer from a contagion I call SBRitis, in the same way as the city of Pune is plagued by a much more dreaded disease I have christened MBBRitis. Let me refresh your memory on the first obit.—RIP-SBR-STP


And now for the late but least lamented MBBR.


I am sure this image will please you immensely. In Kharadi, Pune a 435 KLD dysfunctional MBBR STP upgraded by us to an EAAS system. The water sample shown below is after the secondary settling tank itself, where the wastewater has not even undergone tertiary treatment through a sand filter and Activated Carbon filter!!



This is the quality of treated water within 7 days of startup after a major surgery. The bugs and microbes (that break down the wastewater) are not even fully developed and grown or acclimatised yet.


We can't wait to spread our magic and start serving major metros in India who are suffering from similar ailments - SBRitis or MBBRitis or anything in between.


Please share with your clients, friends, associates, and well-wishers who may be interested in turning around their STPs to become water producing plants. Large communities can become 50-60 % self sufficient in their water requirements, ensure their water security, save loads of money and also help protect the environment. 


What more can one ask for?


Bisleri, Aquafina, Kinley—you now have serious competition. This is the Ecotech BISINALEY!


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