Ecotech in the Swachh Bharat Conspiracy

October 7, 2018

Opposition parties in India, and more especially the principal opposition party appear to have lost their sense of balance, equanimity, and the basic ability to think and apply their minds. Maybe they have lost it, not having any real leaders to speak of.


They see a conspiracy to help the BJP party by anybody and everybody.


- Vladimir Putin signs a defence deal with India to help the BJP score points

- President of France, Emmanuel Macron says Rafael deal is fair to help the BJP

- The IMF lauds India for its economic reforms to help the BJP

- The Army carries out surgical strikes in Pakistan to boost the BJP

- The Election Commission announces state polls ahead of time to benefit BJP

- Ms. Mayawati ditches the Congress party in collusion with the BJP

- Mr. Akhilesh Yadav does likewise to kick the Congress party at the behest of the BJP

- Various enforcement agencies of the Govt. are targeting opposition functionaries to help the BJP

- The RBI monetary policy is designed to help BJP in the general elections

- The courts in India are delivering judgements favourable to the BJP        

- The common man lauds the Government’s performance to show the BJP in good light


And so on and on and on


At this rate, I am beginning to think the opposition parties will view Ecotech’s single-minded and unwavering advocacy of the EAAS Technology as best suited and most appropriate for mini and small STPs as a conspiracy also designed to help the BJP.


Well, coming to think of it, they may be right. All our STPs work, helping conserve precious fresh water resources. All our STPs work, generating good, clean water for Recycle and Reuse. All our STPs work, contributing to water security of the nation. All our STPs work, and help protect the Environment. 


YES. Ecotech’s efforts contribute mightily to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan of the BJP and the Government. So help me GOD if I have sinned.






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