From the Frying Pan, into the Fire

September 15, 2018





All too often I have seen STPs designed by Architects, their plumbing consultants, their preferred commission agents cum vendors or quite simply quacks who know nothing about STPs. Not being qualified, trained or practicing Chemical engineers nor Environmental engineers these quacks understand nothing about the nuances of design, nuances of engineering or indeed the art of selecting the most appropriate STP technology for any given application. All that they have mastered is the Kindergarten art of Copy + Paste and many a time not even taking care to remove and revise the old title blocks from their drawings. I have often exposed these charlatans in Bangalore for what they are and have caught them with their pants down or if not so already, have had the pleasure of stripping them down until they have nowhere else to hide but quietly slink under the table.


This malaise I daresay is not restricted to the City of Bangalore alone. In Pune, in Hyderabad, in Chennai where I have had the opportunity to study the STP scene in some detail, the situation is the same. The contagious disease I call SBRitis is prevalent in Bangalore while MBBRitis rules in Pune. It is a mishmash of these two maladies in the other two cities named, having no standout homegrown quacks of their own and importing these from other cities in India.


What is most surprising and indeed puzzling is why builders and developers persist with these third rate quacks and their commission agents with such a shoddy track record of failed STPs. Sure, builders and developers are not experts in STP, but certainly possess basic intelligence to separate the wheat from the chaff. Or as Indian politicians are so fond of saying in the vernacular “Dhoodh ka Dhoodh aur Paani Ka Paani”.




And when a conscientious user of STP wants to set right the defunct STP inherited from these quacks, and resuscitate it, he generally falls into one of the following two traps. Again, I have seen this happening all too often. I am repeating myself again and again. As Dr. Goebbels used to say, if you repeat a truth often enough, it will eventually sink in even into the thickest heads.


TRAP  # 1


Seek advice and succour from another quack. As I said earlier, there are many out there. 


TRAP # 2


Out of sheer laziness, not wanting to do proper homework, background checks, due diligence you end up picking a well known brand name who may be masters in other fields but certainly not in Wastewater treatment. The names Zermatt and Zeon Inchange come readily to mind.


In either case, the user ends up with a bigger problem than he started off with.





The panacea for all these ills is simple enough:


1. Go seek expert advice from a qualified, trained, experienced environmental professional with highest technical and business integrity when you want to set up an STP in the first place.


2. Go seek expert advice from a qualified, trained, experienced environmental professional  with highest technical and business integrity when you want to resuscitate a defunct STP


And who better than ECOTECH who has seen it all and done it all with 100 % success rate ?  As the saying goes –“When Ecotech talks, people listen”

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