Wastewater treatment for a textile mill in Indonesia

Ecotech has extensive knowledge, skill and experience in design and execution of Wastewater treatment plants for textile mills. In my initial years at Dorr-Oliver, the Surat-Baroda-Nadiad-Ahmedabad belt was my regular beat, and all this was prime textile country in the boom years of the '80s. Ambica, Ambuja, Arbuda, Arvind, Calico, Navsari, New Shorrock, Saraspur, Sarangpur, Garden Mills, all household names of the day, were my clients. In the first phase, treatment was restricted to primary treatment – coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation for colour and suspended solids removal. A secondary stage was added later to include biological treatment. Reliance Industries in Baroda, a fledgling manufacturing facility at that time, put up the first integrated treatment plant.


Towards the end of my stint with Dorr-Oliver, I was associated with the design and engineering of a Wastewater Treatment and Water Treatment Plant for a major Polynosic Staple Fibre Plant of Tungabhadra Fibres Ltd. (TUFIL).  Tehcnical knowhow, plant and machinery were purchased from Mitsubishi Rayons. Mr. V.P Gohel of Gohel Consultants and Engineers was the consultant to TUFIL.


The Late Mr. V P Gohel was the doyen of the pulp, paper, rayon and synthetic fibres industry, and a towering figure both in India and abroad in the profession. His achievements during his lifetime and accolades received from across the globe are truly mind boggling. His profile in brief may be found in :



It may be that Mr. Gohel had a soft corner for me as a fellow Chemical Engineer, though I would like to believe that it was my seminal work in the design of the treatment plant for TUFIL that earned me his respect. During his last assignment abroad for PT Texmaco Jaya, Mr. Gohel invited me to visit Indonesia, and contracted Ecotech to complete design, engineering, and procurement of critical equipments for a treatment plant for a Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) and Polyester plant. Thus it was, that I made my way to Jakarta via Singapore in January of 1990. 


The PT Texmaco office was in a spanking new building of glass and chrome, with all the latest gadgetry associated with a Hi-Tech building.  A visit to the site of the proposed factory was the first order of business. It was a drive of about 30 KM West of Jakarta, again on a spanking new expressway courtesy the Peoples’ Republic of China.


The site of the factory was near a paddy field, with a fair sized irrigation canal running alongside, brimming with water. This was to be the source of water for the factory. I marveled at the engineering genius and far sightedness of the Dutch who ruled Indonesia, and built these canals: the locks and the gates, though ancient, were in perfect working order.


The assignment in Indonesia took us a full 12 days to complete, at the end of which detailed construction drawings were generated, critical equipments ordered out and the execution plan put in place. 





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