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Ecochirp from Ecotech—Real Time Monitoring of STPs and ETPs

Maybe you are the Facilities Manager for a mall or high-tech office complex.

Perhaps you are a member of your Apartment's Management Committee.

Or say you are the Plant Manager of a factory that produces wastewater as a byproduct of manufacturing/processing.

Are you

  • tired of your STP/ETP not working?

  • frustrated with your current operator?

  • spending an exorbitant amount on electricity for your STP?

  • bothered by the foul smell, and non-compliance of regulations?

  • worried about the Pollution Control Board cracking down on you with fines & litigation?

  • having to tanker in water to meet even secondary needs like flushing, lawn watering, and cooling tower?

  • clueless about what is going on in your STP due to lack of regular reliable reports and oversight?

  • aware if your STP is over-sized or under-sized, and if the pumps, blowers and other equipments are working properly?

  • sure your wastewater is getting treated & recycled, and the operator is not just bypassing the STP and dumping directly into the storm water drain?

Precisely to address the above questions, we are pleased to roll out our proprietary ecochirp IoT-based Real Time Monitoring (RTM) system for STPs and ETPs.

This system and service from Ecotech provides live visibility into treatment parameters (like pH, turbidity, COD, BOD, TSS, TDS, Residual Chlorine), flow parameters (flow rates and levels of various tanks), and equipment performance (like power draw, usage time) to key stakeholders like building managers, and regulators.

All on your smartphone, tablet, or computer in an easy-to-use app!

Insights from this data-driven approach can lead to water and energy savings, and better quality and consistency of treated water. Most importantly, Peace of Mind, freeing up your time to focus on other important tasks.

And added to this, the Central Pollution Control Board has directed state PCBs to mandate RTM for STPs and ETPs on a war footing.

Be ahead of the curve with ecochirp from Ecotech—Pioneers & Leaders in Wastewater Treatment, since 1986! Send us an email at We can do a quick and detailed audit of your Treatment Plant and show you where you could make improvements, and also assess how ecochirp can be customized for your Plant.

Check out the slides below to learn more. Or download our presentation by clicking here.

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