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A partnership between Ecotech and BlueDrop ( to offer end-to-end solutions for decentralised STPs and ETPs exclusively catering to customers in Telangana and AP


EcoBlue Partners was created to exclusively serve the Hyderabad, Telangana, and AP regions and provide unparalleled technical design, EPC, and service support for decentralised STPs and ETPs (sub 5000 KLD)

When it comes to STPs, a poorly-designed plant might work on Day 1, when occupancy is low, but when the STP reaches its design load (typically 5 years after commissioning), problems like odour, colour, sludge handling emerge. On the other hand, even the best-designed STP will quickly fail in the hands of an incompetent O&M vendor. In residential complexes, the RWA is stuck with these problems after the builder has handed over the STP to the residents, resulting in frustrated residents and reputation and legal risk for the builder.

EcoBlue Partners is here to address this problem. We Design, Build, and Operate to ensure complete accountability, and no finger pointing.  Our technical team has over 40 years' of experience in domestic and industrial wastewater treatment.

We offer two unique solutions.

  1. The compact, high-performance Ecotech EA35+ activated sludge system 

  2. The energy-efficient BlueDrop Aerated Wetlands system for customers looking for a nature-based solution.

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Catering exclusively to the greater Hyderabad area

  • 100 KLD to 5000 KLD capacity

  • Decentralised urban STPs and industrial ETPs

  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

  • STPs for Apartments & Villas, Office Complexes, Malls, Hotels, and Factories

  • ETPs for F&B, Dairy, Pharma, Textile, Brewery, Sugar, Paper & Pulp, Electroplating, etc.

EcoBlue Partners Hyderabad: Our Services
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