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Transform your STP or ETP from a costly liability to an invaluable asset

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When it comes to Wastewater Treatment, "Why go with Ecotech?" is a question we get a lot. Watch this two-minute video, and you will ask yourself "Why go with anyone else?".

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Listen to Ecotech founder Dr. Ananth Kodavasal, and become an STP expert in five minutes!

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ecochirp from Ecotech: STP Real Time Monitoring Solution—100% CPCB compliant!

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The residents of a high-end apartment complex in Bengaluru were suffering from a defunct Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) STP (550 KLD) that they inherited from their builder. This STP was causing them unimaginable woes—black particles in the water and  an unbearable foul odour that would bathe the entire flat whenever they would flush their toilets with the STP "treated" water. They literally lived in fear of using their own toilets!

Ecotech came to the rescue, rectified this STP by upgrading it to the robust Extended Aeration Activated Sludge (EAAS) technology, and took over the Operation & Maintenance of the plant. This is the quality of treated water ever since.

Let us fix your dysfunctional STP as well, and get you on track to save 60-90% of your freshwater costs!

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Are you frustrated with your dysfunctional STP? Do you live in constant fear of water security, surprise audits by the PCB, and heavy penalties? Ecotech can audit your residential or commercial STP, and put together a rescue plan to get you back on track. We have rectified over 60 dysfunctional STPs with a 100% success rate. Most customers recover their rectification Capex in months, and continue to save lakhs every month on energy, maintenance, consumables, and fresh water costs, while meeting all PCB & NGT norms and even the United States EPA Urban Reuse standards day after day. Most importantly, you can ensure your water security and reduce your fresh water costs by reusing 60-90% of your STP treated water. Your STP can be a bottomless money sink and a constant source of Frustration and Fear, or it can be your very own personal money printer with daily fresh water cost savings. Make the smart choice and call us today to audit and rectify your STP!


Even the best-designed STPs can fail as a result of poor operation resulting in expensive replacement of equipment. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. We will take over the O&M of your STP/ETP, ensuring 100% performance. We are the most ethical and cost-effective in the business thanks to our industry-leading O&M practices that we have perfected over 35 years. In fact Ecotech routinely conducts STP operator training even for the KSPCB and other organisations. Many of our STPs are running with the same mechanical equipment in excellent condition for decades due to our obsessive preventative maintenance regimen. For a typical 200-flat apartment, our residential clients see cost-savings of around Rs. 1.5 lakhs per month from water reuse for flushing, car wash, gardening, etc. and our commercial clients with a central HVAC system enjoy even bigger savings by reusing 85-90% of their treated STP water. The savings scale super-linearly as the size of your complex or facility (STP) increases where O&M actually becomes the smallest component of Opex. For each STP under our care, supporting our well-trained operators on site are six highly-skilled team members from the head office to ensure 24x7 uptime. Ecotech as a company is also 100% statutorily compliant with all labour laws and government regulations.


We can design and engineer a new, bespoke wastewater treatment plant tailormade to your unique residential, commercial, or industrial situation using the appropriate technology solution keeping in mind ease of operation, cost-savings, and effective effluent treatment complying with local regulations. We favour time-tested, robust solutions such as Extended Aeration Activated Sludge for residential complexes and most commercial applications under 5000 KLD. Unfortunately, most other vendors not having the technical depth and experience of Ecotech will foist upon their hapless customers technologies like SBR or MBBR which are totally inappropriate for small (<5000 KLD) STPs. We ourselves have had to rectify over 60 defunct STPs for clients with MBBR, SBR, etc. to the robust EAAS system. So make the sensible choice with Ecotech to begin with to save yourself expensive heartache down the line.  Being in the O&M business as well, we know that selecting the right technology is critical in ensuring proper operation, and continued cost-savings.


Real Time Monitoring (RTM) of STPs has been mandated by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Ecochirp from Ecotech is our proprietary RTM system that will give you (management committee, facility manager, etc.) visibility into the performance of your STP on an hourly basis as mandated by the CPCB—inflow, outflow, pH, turbidity, BOD, COD are some of the KPIs that are tracked and reported on an easy-to-use customisable dashboard that can be accessed on your computer or smartphone (through our app). You will know how much water you are reusing, and your daily cost savings through reports accessible from the dashboard. Ecochirp comes with its own dedicated GSM card and signal booster if necessary to ensure robust reporting of performance parameters to you and to the CPCB servers. Our RTM is 100% compliant with CPCB guidelines and uses a proprietary algorithm developed in collaboration with IIT-Madras to determine BOD and COD from turbidity, eliminating the need for expensive and fragile UV sensors offered by other vendors.


Industrial wastewater treatment is the most challenging kind of water treatment, due to the specific nature of effluent based on industry, location, and other factors. Every situation is different and a "Copy and Paste" approach is doomed to fail. Not many vendors have the breadth and depth of theoretical and practical experience that we do in this area. Over the past 35 years, Ecotech has successfully designed & commissioned, and operates several major projects in industries such as breweries, tobacco, food & beverage, textiles, cassava starch, bulk drugs, etc. for names like ITC, Hindustan Unilever, United Breweries, Kissan, etc. If you have a complex industrial wastewater treatment requirement, look no further than Ecotech for a bespoke, cost-effective solution.


We design treatment plants for customers overseas, and export complete equipment packages to commission these plants including items such as pumps, motors, twin- and tri-lobe air blowers, decanter centrifuges, filter press, membrane and coarse bubble diffusers, filters, etc. Ecotech has designed, engineered, exported, and commissioned 15 large industrial ETPs for the PRAN-RFL group in Bangladesh for a host of industries like dairy, food processing, beverages, etc. The PRAN-RFL group is one of the biggest industrial houses in Bangladesh. We recently designed and engineered 5x5000 KLD EAAS STPs for a major Japanese Oil and Gas company's labour colony in Qatar.

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